A special guidance document has been published to accompany the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Standard 4.0 that was released earlier this month.

Called 'Guidance on demonstrating the requirements of the FORS Standard', the document provides information on each requirement that operators need to demonstrate to the FORS auditors at different levels.

It also features a comprehensive glossary of terms and checklists to allow operators to carry out a self-assessment ahead of their initial FORS audit. It is now available on the FORS website.

'We released our latest FORS Standard 4.0 only last week,' said John Hix, FORS concession director.

'While the latest update is clearer and easier to understand, our new guidance document gives even greater detail on the exact requirements for audit and the evidence that needs to be presented. It is an even closer hand-hold for operators'

The new FORS Standard 4.0 will be featured, together with current industry developments, at the FORS Members' Conference 2016, being held on 9 November 2016 at the National Conference Centre, Solihull. Places are available for members to reserve through the FORS-online website.