The Transport KTN (TKTN), is helping to facilitate the exchange of ideas between a diverse group of industry and governmental bodies, all of whom are keen to explore the opportunities presented by biogas. Amongst the parties to benefit from the TKTN's role as a facilitator are the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association (ADBA), DEFRA and the Technology Strategy Board.

Some of the most recent technological developments plus a number of new schemes, initiatives and products will be on display at the UK Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Conference 2013, taking place June 5 at City Hall, London.

TKTN director, Neil Ridley, explained more about the TKTN's role. 'Through our links with industry, academia and government we have been able to bring about a strong collaboration. We were aware of several complimentary initiatives that were underway and by combining their funding and knowledge the UK road transport industry will have access to the latest information on the countrywide infrastructure for biogas refuelling.'

The Technology Strategy Board has been running a funding competition focussing on trials for low carbon trucks, whilst at the same time, DEFRA has been looking at compiling a nationwide picture of biogas refuelling facilities. When combined with the work of the Department for Transport on the low emission HGV Task Force Group, it became clear to John Ingram, Freight Specialist at the TKTN, that bringing these parties together could bring about greater benefits. 'We are delighted that we can help raise the awareness of the benefits that biomethane and gas can offer and we are looking forward to continuing to promote the unique role it has to play in fuelling the UK's vehicle fleets in the future,' said Ingram.

The new Gas Vehicle Hub, a vital database of all operating natural gas and biomethane producers and refuelling stations in the UK will be launched on June 5th. The database gives details on gas refuelling stations, gas vehicles and additional information about bio-methane's role in the development of these markets. It can be accessed by anyone wishing to avail themselves of biogas refuelling services by visiting The benefits of using biomethane and gas fuels for HGVs and bus fleets are already clear and include the cutting of carbon emissions, improvements in air quality and reduction in noise.

The Transport KTN (Transport Knowledge Transfer Network) works to help bring different segments of the transport industry together to enable mutually beneficial sharing of knowledge and technological innovation. It also aims to breakdown traditional industry specific thinking and encourage genuine new entrants, with fresh approaches, into this key marketplace.

Through its recent work the Transport KTN has already identified a number of key cross-sector challenges where there are opportunities for sharing innovations and solutions. It is acting as a catalyst and facilitating innovation across intelligent mobility, lightweight materials and energy efficiency across the road, rail and marine sectors.

Membership of the group is free and anyone interested in joining, sharing their knowledge or wishing to find out more about forthcoming events and current topics of discussion should visit the website