Avant improves engine performance with new Optidrive

Published:  15 June, 2017

An innovative solution for improving the performance of the drive circuit in its loaders has been developed by Avant.

The drive system in Avant loaders – whereby the drive power is conveyed from engine to the wheels using hydraulic oil – consists of a variable displacement hydraulic pump, four hydraulic drive motors, and a number of valves connected by hydraulic hoses and fittings.

Instead of mechanical axles, Avant uses four separate hydraulic drive motors, one on each wheel of the loader. 

This system has the advantage of offering high pushing power, a compact design, and a low centre of gravity, which is important for stability. However, Avant has now redeveloped this system to make it even more effective.

The new Optidrive uses fewer hydraulic hoses and fittings, which helps to reduce the build-up of unnecessary heat generated when hydraulic oil flows at high rates in the drive circuit, and therefore improves fuel consumption and the engine power available.

The new Optidrive is a standard feature in the Avant 700 series, and will also appear in the 500 and 600 series. The benefits include: a reduction in power loss of up to 1.5kW – roughly 10% of the total power used in the drive circuit; 60% fewer hydraulic connections; 20% fewer hoses; reduced heat build-up; parking brake in rear wheels; reduced engine vibrations and noise; a better hydraulic connector system; and easier servicing.

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