Picture of a Spedian graphics panel on the side of a North Norfolk District Council RCV

Roadvert messages on RCVs help to reduce waste

Published:  21 December, 2017

Roadvert is helping spread the recycling message to North Norfolk residents with timely messages on the sides of refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) which visit every street in the area.

The company has fitted 18 of North Norfolk District Council’s refuse vehicles with Spedian lightweight, reusable vehicle graphics panels.

Messages urge people to ‘Give your recycling a little bit of love’ and feature a person giving their wheelie bin a big hug.

With the advice to ’make sure it’s clean, dry and don’t bag it!’ the message encourages people to take pride in sorting their recycling efficiently.

Scott Martin, environmental services manager at North Norfolk District Council, said: ‘We don’t want people throwing the wrong items into the recycling and contaminating it so we are asking them to show their recycling a little bit of love.

‘By running this campaign on our refuse vehicles, which cover all our area, we know that our intended audience is actually going to see the messages. Bin lorries cover every inch of our district once a week – the panels are like moving advertisements.

‘It was really important to us that it was quick to fit and the fact that Roadvert was willing to fit the graphics outside normal hours was really helpful to us. It meant that none of our refuse vehicles had to be taken off their rounds. The whole fleet was fitted in a couple of evenings.’

Another attraction was the fact that Spedian graphics can also be uninstalled in less than one hour and stored for re-use. The system requires no rails, nuts, bolts or screws for fitment, so messages can be changed to suit the council’s needs.

Lawrence Craig, CEO of Roadvert, said: ‘Councils across the UK are seeing the advantages of running promotional campaigns on their vehicle fleets and there are exciting possibilities of creating new revenue streams by offering space to third-party advertisers.’

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