New Multigo completes sweeper range

Published:  24 May, 2019

Aebi Schmidt has launched the new compact articulated Multigo 150 sweeper to complete its sweeper line-up for local authorities, service contractors and other users.

The new Multigo 150, which at 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight can be driven by drivers with a standard Category B driving licence for passenger cars, has been designed for local authorities with a need to meet stringent street cleaning and sweeping responsibilities.

The articulated nature of the Multigo makes it suited for working around street furniture, such as benches, litter bins and other obstructions and enables it to get into tight nooks and crannies that other rigid body sweepers might struggle to access.

The new Multigo completes the Aebi Schmidt sweeper line-up, which includes the Swingo 200, the Cleango 500 and the Street King 660, to provide municipal, airport and other users with a choice of sweeper to tackle every eventuality.

The new multipurpose Multigo 150, which has High-Efficiency Traction (HEF) controlled hydrostatic 4wd transmission, also comes with a flexible chassis which allows the new sweeper to be adapted to a number of different uses.

For example, if there is a need for winter maintenance, the 1.5 cu3 metre hopper can be de-mounted and the front sweeper brushes removed, to be replaced with a snowplough and spreader unit for winter snow clearing duties.

Alternatively, the hopper can be retained but a scrub deck added to provide the ability to comprehensively tackle stains and other spillages on paved areas such as town squares.

Changing attachments and functions of the machine can be done quickly, typically in only 5-10 minutes, ensuring an easy and flexible operation all year round.

 At the same time, the 67 HP high torque Perkins diesel engine gives a top speed of 40kmh and meets green zone requirements, as well as ensuring it can tackle high-performance tasks while maintaining low emission rates.

Meanwhile, an eco- mode function lowers fuel consumption and reduces noise levels, which benefits both operating costs and the immediate surroundings.

Daily maintenance checks are easy to carry out on the Multigo 150, while the long service intervals of 500 hours combine to keep operating costs to a minimum.

Designed to be in action all year round, components are a key part of the build quality, with suppliers such as Bosch Rexroth and Perkins ensuring high durability and maximum reliability.

The ergonomically designed cabin provides the operator with a good view of the working area, while the adjustable steering column, with the joystick integrated within the armrest, air conditioning as standard and a fully suspended chas­sis all combine to ensure the Multigo provides a comfortable working environment.

After passing the testing requirements by an independent committee of medical experts, the seat in the Multigo 150 has also received the industry standard AGR certificate to guarantee the operator an ergonomic and back-friendly product.

Dominik Kalt, Product Manager Street Cleaning / Sweepers at Aebi Schmidt Group  said: ‘The Multigo offers light, responsive and easy to use controls, which make it a joy to drive, while the easily understood and illustrated control panel provide the operator with a clear overview and good understanding of the functionalities of the joystick.’

The screen adapts to the chosen attachment and it remembers the last settings for that specific attachment, allowing for quick attachment change and safe operation.

Also included in the standard package are heated side mirrors, which are a quick and convenient way to clear away ice, snow and dew and to rapidly improve visibility, an advantage for all seasons. Also included is an audible reversing alarm that increases safety in city centres and other pedestrian areas.

Amongst a long list of optional extras are a 7.5metre and flexible high-pressure hose and lance which makes light work of the cleaning of statues, park bins and benches within city centres. The lance is ergonomic and the flow can be adjusted to conserve water.

At the same time, a rearview camera gives a good view of surroundings in confined spaces and improves safety in pedestrian zones, while a high volume reversing alarm adds to the safety message and can be a requirement in some pedestrian zones.

The optional LED lighting package includes rear lights, indicators, beacon and working lights on the roof, while an optional weight sensor alerts the operator if the weight is over the allowed 3500 kg to avoid damage to delicate surfaces.

Dominik said: ‘We had identified a gap in the market but now feel that the new Multigo 150 completes and compliments our range of sweepers perfectly.

‘It is a very flexible and versatile machine that provides local authorities and other users with a host of options for sweeping, cleaning and snow clearing operations while being very easy and ergonomically comfortable for operators to use.’

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