Epping Forest add 32t Farid RCVs in repeat order

Published:  12 March, 2013

Epping Forest District, located in the west of of Essex and neighbouring the north east Greater London Region, covers an area of just over 130 square miles and serves a population of 124,700.

The Council offers to all residents of the District a first class refuse and recycling collection service including a weekly kerbside collection of food and garden waste recycling. In addition all residents receive a fortnightly collection of mixed dry recyclables including paper and card, food tins and drinks cans, plastics, aluminium foil and containers and aerosol containers alongside a residual waste black bin collection.

To help achieve this, Epping Forest District Council has continued with the upgrade to their current fleet of refuse collection vehicles as part of their on-going fleet replacement programme. Following a full robust tender evaluation, Epping Forest chose Farid UK to supply the new Farid T1 Series refuse and recycling collection vehicles.

Following the introduction of an initial seven Farid T1SM22 (22cu m) refuse and recycling collection vehicles to Epping Forest District Council's fleet in autumn 2011 a further five RCVs have recently been ordered.

Supplied to a similar specification to the original seven vehicles this is almost a repeat order save that these new rcvs are larger. This time Epping Forest have opted for the T1SM27 (27cu m) / 32 tonne variant.

The Farid T1SM27 (27 cu m) bodies were supplied complete with low level fully automatic split bin lifts and mounted to low entry Mercedes Benz Econic 3233LL 8x4 mid steer 32 tonne GVW chassis, supplied by S & B Commercials Plc.

The T1SM27 smooth sided compaction bodies contain a fully sealed ejector plate, which travels along premium high quality anti wear resistant steel rails when unloading and ejection of waste is taking place. This aids the ejector plate to move rearwards and to protrude beyond the rear of the body ensuring all material is cleared from the main compaction body.

The compaction tailgate ensures waste is collected safely and securely, and compacted at a ratio of 6:1 using a solid articulated single-plate moved by heavy duty anti-friction pads sliding on rails located within the tailgate walls. To reduce any risk of damage whilst loading the carriage plate cylinders are located outside of the hopper loading area and protected by external smooth sided locking panels. The collection hopper is constructed of high strength, anti-wear steels and has high volume capacity to handle all waste types.

High performance seals are fitted between the tailgate and body joint faces with an additional liquid catchment tray to ensure no leakages of liquids occur.

The T1 body range also includes as standard the latest generation electrical system powered by well-proven Farid CANBus electronic protocols. A single in-cab integrated monitor display unit is fitted which features all body multi control functions, fault diagnosis facility and additional service support and programming access, reducing the need for numerous display units.

Complete with many additional safety features including Bi-Line roof harness fall arrest system, guarding to prevent access to front of body, interlocked body access door complete with steps & grab handles, side under-run protection guards and packer plate cut out system designed to stop the compaction system when GVW is achieved, the Farid T1SM27 vehicles are proving to be a popular choice for both the drivers & loaders in Epping Forest.

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