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New and improved Doosan 14t launched

Published:  03 February, 2016

The Doosan DX140LC-5 14 tonne crawler excavator has been launched by Doosan Construction Equipment.

The DX140LC-5 model is part of the company's new ‘LC-5' range of machines meeting the latest Stage IV emission regulations. It provides an improved performance compared to the previous ‘LC-3' Stage IIIB model.

The improvements in performance include a 5% increase in engine power and 4% greater torque. In addition, traction has been boosted with an increase in drawbar pull of about 18%, front lifting capacity has been increased on average by 10% and side capacities are 12.5% higher. And the fuel consumption in the DX140LC-5 has been lowered by 3% compared to the previous generation machine.

The DX140LC-5 is powered by a Perkins 1204F engine, which combines reduced fuel consumption with the power and torque of larger engines with a smaller displacement. The new Perkins 1204F engine provides an output of 84.5 kW (113 HP) at 2000rpm and uses an electronically controlled, high-pressure, common-rail fuel system (2000 bar) which reduces particulate matter emissions from the cylinder, along with a waste-gate turbocharger.
The engine meets Stage IV emission regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF), through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR).
New systems and functions have also been incorporated which reduce fuel consumption. For example, the current fuel consumption can be read directly on the LCD panel, and the engine can be shut off automatically after a pre-set time when the machine is not being operated. In addition, Doosan has developed a system called SPC (Smart Power Control) to optimise the balance between the pumps' output and the diesel engine.

The fan speed is controlled electrically, resulting in lower fan noise and better fuel efficiency.

The operator's cab has been further refined for outstanding comfort and ease of operation. A new system enables attachments to be operated from either the joystick or a two-way pedal for greater controllability. Users also have the unique jog shuttle switch which is exclusive to Doosan excavators worldwide.

Being able to switch control of the auxiliary lines between the joysticks and the two-way pedal greatly lessens any discomfort that may be caused by extended or repetitive use of the joysticks alone. It is also helpful when precision is required as the operator can keep full control of the excavator via the joysticks while using the two-way pedal for attachments.

The controls for the auxiliary lines on the joysticks have been repositioned and the joysticks have also been shortened to reduce the effort required to operate them and an additional pedal for straight travel has now been installed on the left of the main travel pedals to help travelling straight over longer distances.

New gauges, functions and menus have been added to the control panel, including a new AdBlue gauge. A new quick menu bar has been installed which allows key functions to be accessed quickly, without having to go through all the menus and validations.
A side-view camera is available as an option and the control panel allows the views from both the rear and side view cameras to be combined on the same screen.

To further maximise durability and reduce noise, all models are equipped with EM (Enhanced Macro-surface) bushings.
Air pre-cleaners are fitted as standard on the DX140LC-5 to ensure cleaner air is sent to the engine air filter which extends air cleaner servicing intervals. Doosan has also added protection to the inner cab air filter and redesigned the cab air-conditioning filters for easier replacement.

An acoustic alarm has been added to call the operator's attention to ‘water in fuel'. If the operator ignores the signal after several alerts, the engine and pump are automatically derated. In addition, to make it easier for operators to understand the importance of warnings and to communicate the proper warning codes, pop-up menus appear with detailed information with easier to identify warnings.

The Engine Emergency Stop Switch has been relocated on the side of the seat so that it is accessible from ground level. Star-shaped anti-slip plates ensure that the steps stay much cleaner and more effective and to meet new EU regulations, safety bars are standard on all models.

All current options including narrow tracks, short and long arms, shoes and hydraulic lines are available for the new DX140LC-5.

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