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LAPV presents the 2nd annual Future Fleet Forum

Published:  11 April, 2016

How does New York manage the USA's biggest municipal fleet? What's it like to be interviewed under caution by the HSE? What are the latest safety features and initiatives for UK fleets? There's a huge amount learn and plenty of idea for everyone to take away at this year's Future Fleet Forum.

Building on last year's successful inaugural event, this year's Future Fleet Forum, sponsored by Geesinknorba and Hako, will feature top quality interactive sessions, lively panel discussions and the highest profile speakers, including Deputy Commissioner and Chief Fleet Manager of the City of New York, Keith Kerman.

Mr Kerman will deliver the keynote address, highlighting the challenges he faces in managing the largest municipal fleet in the USA and explaining how he has consolidated fleet management and streamlined his department. There will be so much to learn about how this huge, technologically switched-on council operates to maximum efficiency. And who knows what ideas can we borrow for our own fleets.

To take advantage of the early bird rate, register now at http://www.futurefleetforum.co.uk/register.aspx

Another highlight will be the mock HSE interview – under caution – delivered by Emma Evans and Jonathan Cowlan from leading law firm Pinsent Mason. It will follow the pattern used by the HSE under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) to show what a formal interview is like for a senior fleet manager implicated in their company's health and safety failings.

The realistic re-enactment aims to offer a vital insight into what to expect if you, your employer or your organisation are ever interviewed as suspects in an HSE investigation. And it will demonstrate the issues that lead to criminal investigations, the type of questions you might face and how the things you say in an interview may be used as evidence in court.

This mock case could be unsettling but it will raise vital awareness of the key legal aspects that should be considered before ever attending a formal HSE interview.

The day will feature several interactive panel discussions, including a forum which will discuss the progress of the Future Fleet working group. This group was set up as a result of the first Future Fleet Forum held in June last year, and it's aim is to create a best practice guide for all parties involved in the procurement process of fleet and related services.

‘We aim to develop the benchmark for local government procurement of fleet and provide clarity for fleet and transport managers as well as suppliers and procurement departments,' commented the Chair of the group and editor of LAPV, Ann-Marie Knegt.

‘We are really breaking new ground here, because we have never had fleet managers, suppliers, procurement organisations and industry bodies such as CILT and FORS in one room to openly discuss these issues. We have come up with some surprising insights which will really push industry standards forward.'

During the course of the day, Future Fleet Forum will also deliver new insights and innovations through workshops which will enhance delegates' practical knowledge and help them deliver best value with limited funds.

With fleet and transport managers are under further pressure to deliver streamlined services and introduce innovation in a sustainable, safe and cost-effective manner with fewer assets and resources than ever before, we aim to arm them with the latest ideas from around the country.

Also on display at Future Fleet Forum will be the latest vehicle technology from exhibitors such as Geesinknorba, Hako, Dennis Eagle, Faun Zoeller, NRG Fleet Services, Terberg Matec, Jaama, Brigade Electronics, the SC Group, TfL and CILT.

Future Fleet Forum is also supported by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and Palmark, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), the Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety scheme (CLOCS) and the City of London.

To read the rest of the programme please follow this link: http://www.futurefleetforum.co.uk/programme.aspx

To register and take advantage of the early bird rate please go to: http://www.futurefleetforum.co.uk/register.aspx

Future challenges and innovation

The conference has been established in response to an industry-wide need for:

  • Greater clarity about legislation
  • Greater clarity on fleet procurement processes and procedures
  • Information on how to improve operational safety procedures
  • Greater understanding of how local authority fleet managers work in different councils
  • Solutions to improve co-operation between all parties involved in the maintenance and after care of fleet
  • Collaboration between different departments dealing with fleets in local government agencies, including emergency services.

Who should attend?

  • Local authority and private sector fleet and transport managers
  • Operations managers in public and private sectors with responsibility for fleets
  • Fleet, transport and workshop managers in emergency services
  • Procurement managers
  • Suppliers
  • Procurement organisations
  • Central government
  • Industry bodies

What can you expect from your day?

  • Hear how the biggest municipal fleet in the USA is managed to maximum efficiency
  • Get an update on how guidance and practice in fleet procurement is being driven forward by our industry
  • Gain new insights on collaboration and procurement
  • Find out how new cost-effective initiatives that promote safer driving
  • Hear how fleet management is expected to develop in the next 10 years.
  • Participate in an interactive training session to prepare fleet managers for an HSE interview under caution
  • Meet suppliers in a leading industry exhibition
  • CPD: earn four hours towards your continual professional development as a member of CILT
  • Free lunch and refreshments

To take advantage of the early bird rate, please register at http://www.futurefleetforum.co.uk/register.aspx

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