Screen wash helps hit emissions targets

Published:  20 June, 2016

A new powdered screen-cleaner has been introduced byNCH Europethat it hopes will help reduce CO2emisions.

The new Screen Clean powder offers the same quality cleaning performance as company's Screen Clean tablets but comes as a powder in either 20 litre or 200 litre sachets, creating four times as much solution as the equivalent sized tablets.

This not only helps users cope with storage space constraints, but also means less product is required and has far-reaching benefits, claims NCH.

‘As it does not rely on an alcohol base, less toxic material makes its way back into our sewers and water supplies in run off,' said Mark Burnett, VP of the lubricants and fuel additives section of NCH Europe.

‘As well as being fully biodegradable and containing no toxic ingredients, Screen Clean powder reduces environmental impact as there is no need to ship water or dispose of plastic bottles. Not only does this make Screen Clean lighter but it also results in a typical saving of almost 40g of plastic per pack compared to liquid screen cleaners.'

He said that if the 35 million licensed vehicles in the UK used a single sachet of Screen Clean powder a year, it would save 1,400,000kg of plastic annually which, if broken down to CO2, could create upto 7.6 tonnes of the greenhouse gas.

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